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Office 2010 Toolkit And EZActivator V 216 Final149


The Ministry of Ayush has focused on education and research in Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddhi and Homeopathy. The Indian elite – and in it the great M. Gandhi – voted for these humanistic methods of treatment. She spoke about the need for help in overcoming discouragement, about the need to understand the spiritual significance of plants, about the benefits of ayurprasa. The sermons of Gandhi and his followers were the source of many Buddhist disciplines, including “siddhis” – the teachings of the supernatural, such as holy miracles. I also supported these ideas. I started talking about the need to cleanse the body, which at first caused a lot of controversy, but I was aware of the current achievements of modern biology.
In addition, the Ministry of Ayush published 50 volumes of the Veda and wrote many special works on general medicine and homeopathy. At the same time, they also published religious books, and they were well written. Religious books also expressed Buddhist ideas and traditions and gave the Indian religion a noble grandeur.
Having become the leader of Indian society, Gandhi began to take special care of the education and upbringing of his compatriots. He himself supported students who had the highest education, helping them. But he never forgot about healing. Supporting the doctors, Gandive at the same time took care of the employees of state institutions. He declared his life’s goal to aid healing, and this charitable work played an important part in the founding of the Indian Independence Movement and in its victory.
During the First World War, Gandhi had many problems with his father and uncle. They were afraid that Gandhi would become a military man, and at that time he did not want to leave the university. Gandin, on the contrary, was absolutely confident in his abilities. He did not allow him to publish a newspaper, fearing that it would become a mouthpiece for leftist views, and never let him leave the university. So he could show concern for his education, but he could not allow his son to become his political opponent. But Gandin managed to achieve what he wanted – he organized assistance to the wounded soldiers in the Surgical Hospital. His personal courage, bravery and selflessness served him well. He could have done more by staying at the university, but he didn’t. That is why he received the highest military rank – marshal.
Even before World War I, he wrote a book called The Proof of the Existence of God. She caused a lot of controversy. But



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