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Visual Task Tips brings one of the most useful and anticipated Windows Vista features to Windows XP installations. Thus, by hovering the mouse pointer over an application that sits in the taskbar of your OS, this particular program generates a thumbnail just above it position.
While Windows Vista did not revolutionize the Windows experience overall, it has provided quite a bunch of new graphical features including the Aero theme or the Flip technology. Besides those, it brought the ability of the OS to display contents of windows in a live preview or in a simple thumbnail way.
Depending on whether the window you hover on is actually minimized or in the background of the focused application, Visual Task Tips draws a mini-window depicting a cached image of the contents shown in that specific program and even animates the thumbnail in order to offer a live preview.
This comes in very handy for everyone looking for a solution every time the taskbar becomes crowded with applications you work with. It can surely improve the productivity of your day-to-day tasks and it also eliminates dead-times that may occur while bringing up a program from the taskbar just to check its state and then sending it back to its place.
Just as the Windows Vista feature it replicates, Visual Task Tips does not work with any kind of software that your taskbar accommodates, especially when handling 3D-rendered graphical applications or video players. While this is not a rule, it has its exceptions and from time to time, the program will be able to provide a working thumbnail.
Visual Task Tips has earned both positive and negative reviews over the years and being part of various Windows XP transformation packs, it still helps out XP users on a daily basis. If you find its function interesting and that you may benefit from its capabilities, then it only takes a few clicks to deploy it to your system.







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Visual Task Tips provides a live preview of every open application from the taskbar, and it is definitely something every Windows user should be aware of. Unlike the thumbnails you normally see in the taskbar (whether it’s a Windows XP taskbar or a Vista one) these ones are actually a live preview of the currently open applications.
For instance, if you are working with a program such as Notepad or your favorite web browser, hovering your mouse on a thumbnail will show you the contents from that particular window. Every component of the window can be freely accessed and even changed, so you can see which files are opened and how they look like right now. However, also note that the Windows Vista Live Thumbnail feature does not work if you are using graphic-rendered applications like ones created in Photoshop or 3D-rendered games.
Visual Task Tips comes with a companion CD (in most cases), which will contain some of the most popular programs which are frequently used, included in such pack. Other than that, it is a free tool and you can download it from the web or through various other ways as explained later.
Visual Task Tips Windows XP Thumbnail:
The first thing you have to do is head over to the program’s website and get it installed. While you can download the application from this very same page, it is better to download it from one of the other sources such as the Google or the Microsoft Download Center.
When you click on the link for the installer (the third or fourth icon down), you will be redirected to the program’s official page and after answering some simple questions you will be asked to choose the location to store the program files. Usually the installer will ask you to choose any of the installation folders you have previously set up on your computer.
After the installation, you may need to reboot your system. This particular action is not required but it may help some programs load faster. You will also need to reload the programs which you may have closed during the installation.
Visual Task Tips Installation Process:
After installing Visual Task Tips, you must head over to its configuration page at You may need to set the date for the clock and choose the language which you prefer to use. You may also need to set up the program’s shortcuts and icons or manually change the name and description of the program, if you wish.
Apart from a place to setup the program’s shortcuts, you will

Visual Task Tips

Visual Task Tips aims to provide previews of many commonly used windows and a way to display them all at once without the need to click each and every time.
With very few clicks, windows can be compared side by side to see which one is running, which is locked or if one is minimized. Previews can also show just a portion of a window.
Visual Task Tips can be use to easily switch between applications and can be easily customized. Previews can also be customized by resizing, resizing and reordering to your hearts content.
Visual Task Tips is a taskbar tool which can easily be added to your system without any problems and can easily be placed in a few seconds.
Visual Task Tips is the taskbar tool that was created to be used with Windows Vista and even though it can be use with any version of Windows, it was designed specifically for Windows Vista.
Visual Task Tips has been tested with Windows Vista.
Visual Task Tips Description:
Visual Task Tips creates a tool bar for the taskbar that can display windows and icons from any application on your desktop or anywhere on your Windows Vista installation.
It is a taskbar tool that was designed to be run on Windows Vista, but it can easily be customized and run on any version of Windows. The program will bring up a tool bar for the taskbar and will allow you to display any type of application on your screen easily.
Visual Task Tips brings a program that shows the processes that you have running, the programs currently open or the most used applications. If an application is currently open, then it will display its name or a few lines about its contents. If an application is minimized, then the thumbnail is set to a representation of it’s contents.
Visual Task Tips will show a list of applications if you have more than one program open. You can choose which windows you want to see with your mouse, instead of having to click on each one. If an application is not showing in the list, then you can add it to the program list yourself.
Visual Task Tips Features:

Just as Windows Vista, Visual Task Tips can be easily added to any version of Windows.
It will quickly bring up a tool bar for the taskbar and it will display your active programs and the applications that you have open.
Visual Task Tips brings a program that shows the processes that you have running on your system.
A new window will be added to your taskbar that is easy to configure and customize.
You can easily change the

What’s New in the?

Visual Task Tips works with only those Windows programs that enable the Flash video clip loader system component. Thus, if your system supports that particular component, Visual Task Tips will provide you with a working thumbnail for any Flash-enabled program.
When you launch Visual Task Tips, you will see a preview section which combines textual and graphic information about the contents located at the position of the mouse pointer.
Another way of launching this program and its thumbnail service is to simply tap any of the mouse button over any of the programs that sit in the taskbar. At that point, Visual Task Tips will be activated and its preview will be visible.

Disabling Auto-Generation

If you do not want Visual Task Tips to display thumbnails for the programs you work with, then it is possible to eliminate the entire program’s preview window with a simple toggle. This is achieved by running the Visual Task Tips program once and then, bringing it back again later by activating it in the taskbar.
To disable the automated thumbnail generation process, simply follow these instructions.

With Visual Task Tips already in the taskbar, press the Windows XP keyboard key combination Shift+F10.

Depending on the appearance of the taskbar in your Windows XP system, you may find the Visual Task Tips icon within it. If not, you may have to go to the Control Panel and choose the Appearance tab.

Before launching Visual Task Tips, you should scroll down the Appearance dialog. Search for “Thumbnail.”

If you find the Visual Task Tips shortcut, then you can deselect its use as the thumbnail service by clicking on it. This will eliminate its use and effectively make its thumbnail bar go away.

If you don’t like its behavior, you can also choose the option to disable all Visual Task Tips. To achieve this, follow these easy steps.

With Visual Task Tips still running, press the Windows XP keyboard combination Shift+F10.

If you don’t see a shortcut for Visual Task Tips in the taskbar, then you should go to the Control Panel and navigate to the Appearance tab.

In the System section of the Appearance dialog, you should see a list of items. Scroll down until you find “Thumbnail.”

If you find that option selected, then deselect its use as a thumbnail service by clicking on it. This will disable the program’s use of that function and will eliminate its thumbnail bar.

If you do not like its behavior, you can also choose

System Requirements:

OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Intel Core i5 or higher
DirectX 12 Compatible
8 GB
30 GB
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Intel Core i7 or higher
16 GB

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