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Universal Explorer Product Key is a comprehensive file manager that comes in handy to everyone who wants to move, copy, paste and delete images, drafts, directories or songs from a location to another. It also features a small word and image editor, along with a calculator, and archive converter and manager.
Extract the data from archives and move files to another folder
The app provides a user-friendly layout, divided into a file tree system and a preview area. Pictures and plain text documents are opened into a basic editor, where you can apply further corrections.
Modify pictures and make adjustments
The tree structure helps you find specific items, like text and HTML files, videos, tracks, photos, presentations or spreadsheets.
It’s possible to edit images by changing their background style (e.g. solid color, horizontal lines, cross), resize them to custom dimensions, apply filters (wave, bump map, lens) and make adjustments (color levels, negative).
View and edit text documents
In addition, plain and rich text files can be modified by picking another font type, style, size and color, as well as customized with bullet lists.
Universal Explorer lets you select the desired view mode (large, small, list, details), hide the grid, toolbar and status bar, and choose between single or double panel style.
Look up records, make operations and create slideshows
The app also comes with the options to find specific items, split a file into small pieces, batch rename them, and encrypt or decrypt important documents. What’s more, you can make basic arithmetical operations using the built-in calculator, generate slideshows and capture the screen.
Compare two similar items and set quick launch icons
You can access the color and ASCII lists, view the system’s information and compare two files, as well as archive multiple records and extract data from an archive. Last but not least, you can customize the launch bar with the most frequently used programs.
Feature-rich file and directory manager
To sum it up, Universal Explorer is a reliable piece of software created to help you view, organize and edit images, videos, presentations, documents and text files using the provided tree structure. It also comes with a simple calculator, archive manager, application launcher, and a slideshow creator.
Universal Explorer Screenshots:

Universal Explorer System Requirements

IMPORTANT – Please be sure to have installed the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Java Runtime Environment 7 update 10 and

Universal Explorer Crack Download

* The fastest way to move, copy, and delete files and folders on your computer.
* Smart Folder Organization. Just drag-drop files into folders and read in any order.
* Quick Access to Save, Open, Copy, Paste, and Move Files.
* Small and Lightweight – Universal Explorer is the world’s first cross-platform file explorer for Windows and Linux.
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Use Universal Explorer to copy, move, compress, delete, and create folders, edit text files, browse disk images, extract files from archives, and more.
– Create and manage folders.
– Navigate disk images.
– Move files, delete files, and compress and decompress them.
– Extract files from archives.
– Browse zip archives.
– View file properties and modify them.
– Adjust color levels, highlights and shadows.
– Apply filters (wave, bump map, lens).
– Open files as images or edit plain and rich text documents.
– Quickly locate, and use file sharing services with the built-in file manager.
– Extract the data from archives and move files to another folder.
– Modify pictures and make adjustments.
– View and edit text documents.
– Look up records, make operations and create slideshows.
– Compare two files and set quick launch icons.
– Create, rename, copy, and delete backups.
– Batch rename files, combine multiple files into one, and create archives.
– Adjust brightness, contrast, and gamma levels.
– Take a screen shot.
– Extract image files from archives.
– Read files into other programs.
– Connect to FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and WebDAV servers.
– Browse WebDAV data with http protocol.
– Do basic arithmetical operations using the built-in calculator.
– Encrypt and decrypt text files and archives.
– Browse attributes.
– Browse content.
– Browse content of standard and project properties.
– Browse system information.
– Drag-drop images into a new folder.
– Put several images into slideshow.
– Open a folder in a new window.
– Open a file in a new window.


Universal Explorer Crack Activation Code With Keygen

Universal Explorer (universal file browser) is a cross-platform solution for viewing, organizing, deleting and renaming multimedia content (images, videos, presentations) in one simple and user-friendly interface. Universal Explorer has been designed with a small footprint that works on the PC, Mac and Linux OSes:
– Windows-based operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10
– Apple OS: Mac OS 10.6 or later, OS X 10.7 or later, OS X 10.10 or later
– Debian GNU/Linux-based operating systems: Ubuntu 9.04 or later
– Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based operating systems: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL5) or later

Universal Explorer Features:
* Browse images, photos, videos, and presentations
* View and organize media files in a single panel
* Compare and edit files
* Extensive customizations of the universal file browser’s appearances
* Home folder access
* Ease of use: intuitive interface, small memory footprint
* Powerful features: capable of displaying various multimedia files
* Ability to share files via Dropbox, DropBoxServe, Facebook, Twitter and other services
* Access to more than 100 file manager features

Universal Explorer Frequently Asked Questions:
* What is the Universal Explorer?
This file manager is designed to be easy to use, intuitive, and open all media files, documents, presentations, audios, videos and other multimedia files in Windows, Mac and Linux.

* Why Universal Explorer?
Very often, we tend to keep our multimedia files in many different locations and in different folders. Also, we often want to get around and have a quick access to it. Fortunately, Universal Explorer is able to help us do these tasks.

* How is Universal Explorer developed?
Universal Explorer was mainly developed for the Windows and Linux OSes. The Mac OS version will be released in the near future.

* What can Universal Explorer do?
A File Manager that is easy to use, designed to be intuitive, and open all kind of files in Windows, Mac and Linux. It can also help us get around, share files with others and access various folders.

* How can I use Universal Explorer?
Open Universal Explorer by double-clicking the Universal Explorer icon or by using the Start menu. Once the Universal Explorer is launched, you can do the following things:
– Browse your files and folders using the tree structure

What’s New In?

Universal Explorer is a flexible explorer that helps you work with your documents and media in a convenient, easy-to-use interface. With just a few simple tools, you can view all your images, musical lyrics, audio files, video files, and presentations for example. Universal Explorer provides you with a powerful quick search option that will let you find almost anything you want in a few seconds. Simply type the text you are looking for and Universal Explorer will find all the files containing the text. If you want to open one of those files, simply double click it, Universal Explorer will open the file for you. No more tedious opening files in another application and re-searching for them again. With Universal Explorer, you can simply open files, listen to music, look at pictures and add new files, you don’t need any previous experience with the file manager. It is very easy to use and, thanks to its user-friendly interface, can be used even by beginners.
OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit only)
Processor: 1 GHz
Hard Drive: 5 GB free space
Multimedia: Latest supported format
How to install and use:
1. Download Universal Explorer
2. Extract the archive with WinRAR
3. Run Universal Explorer and launch it
4. Follow the onscreen instructions to start working with the application
Key Features:
Find files – Launch file search to quickly find images, text, music or videos
Search and edit images – Edit pictures, change background colors, apply filters
View audio and video – View music and video files
Create slideshows – Play video clips and create photo albums
View presentations – View MS PowerPoint presentations
View documents – View PDFs, DOCs, XLSs, PPTs
Create archive – Backup, create, compress, extract and rename archives
Calculator – Calculator – Calculator and Currency converter
Application launcher – Create keyboard shortcuts for fast launch
Export all to PDF – Save all data to PDF files in one click
What’s New in Universal Explorer 2.5:
-Added the ability to open PDF files directly from the Explorer
-Added the ability to change the color of the background of file explorer
Universal Explorer works on Windows 10,8,7 and Server 2008 and later.Universal Explorer 5.1.1 APK File Download
Universal Explorer Download [Paid] [Trial] [Free]

Universal Explorer is a comprehensive file

System Requirements:

Windows XP/Windows 7/Vista
1024 x 768
1280 x 720
1152 x 640
1280 x 800
1366 x 768
1280 x 1024
1365 x 768
1440 x 900
1366 x 1024
1600 x 1200
1792 x 1200
1664 x 1136
1856 x 1080
1920 x 1080
1920 x 1200
2048 x 1536
2048 x 2048
2560 x 1600


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