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If you need an app that can simulate waves that are sliding over shores, in different ways, SWAN can give you a helping hand. The tool was developed as an Open Source and accessible third-generation wave model.
SWAN (Simulating Waves Nearshore) is a tool that manages to compute random, short-crested wind-generated waves in coastal regions and inland waters.
SWAN has a rich library of physics effects that can come in handy for interested developers.  You can take advantage of wave propagation in time and space, shoaling, refraction due to current and depth, frequency shifting due to currents and non-stationary depth.
Also, there is a feature that lets you generate waves based on winds speeds. If you need powerful smashing waves or relaxing water movement, the app can provide.
Furthermore, wave interaction (up to four waves), dissipation, whitecapping, bottom friction, and depth-induced breaking, propagation from laboratory up to global scales, transmission through and reflection (specular and diffuse) against obstacles and diffraction are important parts of this tool's arsenal.
All in all, SWAN is a neat wave simulator that can help users to create animations for either entertainment purposes or scientific or nature-based simulations.







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This free simulation program can generate and simulate waves in open water and in coastal areas. It is a major marine research and modelling tool. It can simulate waves of all sizes and shapes generated by wind, water currents, rain, tides, underwater currents and anything else that can generate waves.
SWAN Serial Key, short for “Simulating Waves Nearshore” is designed for nearshore water bodies and coastal regions. SWAN Crack simulates wave energy in any stretch of open or protected water where the sea meets the land. Cracked SWAN With Keygen can simulate wave propagation anywhere in the world.
SWAN Cracked 2022 Latest Version can simulate waves in two and three dimensional space and time.
Not only does SWAN Download With Full Crack simulate wave energy, it also simulates water column movements, currents, waves, wind, wave shoaling, refraction, and other waves effects.
Cracked SWAN With Keygen processes each wave’s power based on a number of parameters that determine characteristics such as wavelength, propagation speed, energy and frequency content, form, height, height at breaking. In addition, SWAN Free Download allows for free modification of any parameter such as wind, water currents, waves, weather conditions, or any other parameter that influences water movement.
SWAN has the ability to interact with user-defined conditions and to integrate them with numerical solutions (e.g. Finite Elements).
The software works through an input/output format and is freely available as an Open Source project that can be used, modified, extended, and improved in the future.
Anyone can modify and add new modelling tools, and add new physics features or any other physics function, add new media and access its data.
SWAN is written in C++ and runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.
SWAN allows users to interact with the simulation through a simple and intuitive graphical interface that is accessible through Windows and Linux.
SWAN can provide several visualizations that are useful for understanding, analysing, and quantifying the impact of wave processes, such as water wave, air-sea-wave interaction, and wave propagation.
This program can be used to:
• Create animated videos of wave processes
• Calculate waveforms
• Determine wave parameters
• Compute attenuation
• Process data
• Do field surveys
• Use as an educational tool
• Use with Finite Elements
• Create animated graphics
• Perform numerical solution
• Update data
SWAN Features:

• 3D simulation: Simulation of SWAN is carried out in two and three dimensional space and time

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SWAN is a free open source, software that can produce realistic non-stationary waves.
SWAN is written in C++ and based on a wide range of numerical and physical modelling libraries.  This tool simulates water surface and causes effects such as whitecapping, overtopping, shoaling, bottom friction, foam formation and current generated by wind and all other waves that may occur during a special case. 
SWAN has been developed by a group of collaborators from the University of Wollongong.  This tool, which is available as a free open source tool under GPL v3 has been tested extensively and is a great tool for scientists, educationalists, hobbyist, developers or even amateur animators.
The tool is very flexible and can simulate a great variety of waves, eddies, currents, wind effects including four-corner wave reflection and more.  SWAN is a very quick simulator and is in no way trying to replicate the true physics of ocean waves and current. 
SWAN waves can be scaled to any desired distance or width up to the TK3 (100 metres) that is the largest model that can be archived on our FTP-site. 
Finally SWAN can store and generate waves that have been used to generate animations or can be saved as an animation that can be played online.
SWAN generates waves from different types of wave motion.  This tool can simulate both continuous and non-continuous waves.  Waves can be onshore, offshore or in various directions relative to the flow. 
The waves can have a variety of crests and the change in wave propagation can be onshore or offshore.
SWAN’s physics features:
Wave Transmission:
The wave can be broken or fragmented into smaller segments that can be spread out across space.
SWAN generates waves that include 5 variants of transmission, 10 for the broken waves.
SWAN can also simulate non-linear waves that can include 3 variants, 10 for the broken waves.
SWAN’s Waves can be refracted or reflected at the boundaries of the simulation environment.
SWAN’s waves can also be produced from random noise at the edge of the simulation environment.
SWAN can be used with binary patterns such as xkcd-type.
SWAN can simulate water surfaces with a variety of colour, transparency and reflection properties.
SWAN’s waves can be affected by the bottom characteristics and its friction such as rough bottom, wall


SWAN is a program created to simulate the interaction of wind-generated waves in shallow water.
SWAN is released under GNU General Public License, version 2.
SWAN Features:
– Store more than 2500 sequences of waves: this information is stored on a database that can be easily updated. Sequences are stored as a single wave file with some information about the wave.
– Generate your own sequences. You can use a large selection of graphics, variations of water depth, breaking, cusp and crest positions, each in any combination, also with their own environments and random values for all of the parameters.
– Store the wave models under a library, that can be easily used for others SWAN users.
– Display animations of your favorite waves without leaving the app.
– You can also browse and filter by models or see the sequence of each wave.
– The result of each simulation is easily stored in a database.
– It is very easy to work with: you just have to record a few parameters of the model. You can also play the animation and change the values of the parameters at any point to correct the result. It is very useful if you need to correct some mistakes, for example, your waves are too close to the shore, etc.
SWAN Documentation:
– Getting started (with the complete example that tests all the possibilities of the tool).
– Basic concepts on the physics (swim in the waters).
– Detail on the initializer.
– Details on the options.
– How to generate a sequence using a database.
– How to browse the wave library.
– How to create new models.
– How to work with sequences.
– How to use the database.
– How to store the simulation results.
SWAN Best Practises:
– Work in the same directory as SWAN in all of the steps.
– Keep your own settings in SWAN’s configuration file.
– Make a copy of SWAN before modifying it or any of its files.
– Do not modify any of SWAN’s files.
– Run SWAN using the standard command line in Windows, macOS or Linux.
– After modifying the tool, you will be more efficient if you run it as administrator.
Note that the configuration file can be found in: %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\swan-config.ini
If you have any trouble, feel free to contact us or provide detailed information about your problem

What’s New in the?

The aim of the application is to enable the user to simulate both regional and global wind-generated waves in coastal regions and inland waters.
In addition, SWAN is an open-source tool that is released under the GNU GPLv3 license.
The application is designed using Xcode and uses the framework API provided by Apple.
An offline use is also available and the application can be configured to work independently of the internet.
SWAN Features:
* Supported physics
– Gravity
– Wind friction
– Refraction due to currents and depth
– Frequency shifting
– Waves interaction (up to 4 waves)
– Dissipation
– Whitecapping
– Bottom friction
– Depth-induced breaking
– Depth reflection
– Depth attenuation
– Wave transmission through and reflection (specular and diffuse)
* Realistic wind-driven current interaction
* Realistic absorption, dispersion, and scattering of waves in current
* Global simulation
– Global waves interaction (up to 4 waves)
– Dissipation
– Whitecapping
– Bottom friction
– Depth attenuation
– Depth reflection
– Depth interaction
– Global waves propagation
*… and much more
* You must have a Mac OS 10.7.5 or newer (10.10 has introduced some changes).
* You need a MacBook Pro with a graphics card that supports OpenGL2.
* You can use latest Xcode 4.6 beta, with LLVM 3.2.
* You can use GZIP compression for all versions, except the latest GM builds.
Installing the Software
* Download the SWAN.dmg file.
* Open the disk image and drag the.dmg file to the Applications folder.
* Launch the SWAN application.
Using SWAN
* Start the app and specify the path to the SWANData folder.
* Launch the simulator and add some waves.
* Launch the simulator and launch SWANGUI.app to find the simulation results in the simulation window.
* Close SWANGUI.app to avoid memory leaks.
Source Code
The source code is available on GitHub, and has been compiled for OS X 10.8 and Xcode 4.6.
Thanks to this project’s contributors:
* Étienne Sauviat
(First apperance of SWAN.app)
* Eric LaRochette (First apperance of SWANGUI.app)
* André Am

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6GHz or AMD Athlon X2
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 1024MB dedicated video memory (NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT or ATI X1900)
Hard Drive: 40 GB available space
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
Additional Notes:
Game requirements:


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