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FotoArchive Crack Free Download PC/Windows

FotoArchive Crack Mac is an image viewer, album maker and annotator.
Its main features are:
– Create image albums of digital camera images (.JPG,.BMP), view them in thumbnail form
– View full size images and Edit the image via several image edit program Interfaces: Paintbrush, Gimp and Paint.NET.
– View images in detail and full screen.
– Insert the image filename, full file path and the Foto Archiver name into text boxes.
– Image Capture
– Photo Annotation
– Photo Retouch
– Instant Thumbnail Creator
– Photo Editing
– Image printing
– Selective Printing of image titles/notes and Album records
– Printing of whole photo album
– File browsing
– Image and file search
– Rotate, flip, merge and crop images
– Rotate/Flip/Merge/Crop: Selectively Annotate and Edit Images. Rotate (90, 180, 270 degrees) and flip image. Use the Cancel and Copy buttons to cancel and copy a Rotated, Flipped or Crop Image.
– Use the Rotated, Flipped and Crop Image as a Brush for Image Manipulation.
– Crop images of a defined size or enlargen them to full size.
– Cropping: Resize an image by cropping. Set the size of the image by cropping.
– Resize Image
– Resize for Windows XP: Resize an image by cropping. Crop an image (by cutting the image off the edges) and enlarge it.
– Image Resize for Windows 2000/XP: Resize an image by cropping. Crop an image (by cutting the image off the edges) and enlarge it.
– Cropping
– Annotate Images
– Attach a Note to a Foto Archiver: You can easily annotate images with the Notes, Category, Title and Crop Preview function of Foto Archiver.
– Generate Thumbnails from an Album.
– Image Thumbnail Creation: Use a single or a group of image files as a template. There is no need to create all thumbnails separately or the result is that you will get different thumbnails for the same image in different albums.
– FotoArchiver Optimizer
– Image Crop Preview: Crop any image to any size using the Crop Preview function.
– Image Print Preview: Print any (croped or not)

FotoArchive Crack With License Key [April-2022]

The Book of FotoArchive Crack Mac by Mihai Lucu
Digital Camera and Photography Related Resources
The Book of FotoArchive is a self-contained software package containing FotoArchive and the accompanying Tools. FotoArchive is an Album Viewer, Annotator and Image Viewer for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP, all with a solid command line, a rich GUI interface, and a powerful graphics toolkit.
FotoArchive can view and print:.JPG,.BMP,.GIF,.ICO,.TIFF,.PNG,.PSD,.BMP,.TGA,.DIB and different image types. Its function-oriented interface is designed for the user who wants to annotate and catalogue (but not to burn) a series of images. It lets you rename and/or move images within its database. FotoArchive is easy-to-use, proven, and completely free. This software includes the FotoArchive Album Viewer, Image Viewer, Library Viewer, Annotator, Browser, Slide Viewer, and FotoEditor.
The Tools include: an Undocumented File Renamer, Image Cleaner, Image Swapper, Image Merger, Image Splitter, a standalone Clipboard Clip Extractor, a Standalone Clipboard Scroller, Registry Read/Write Pro, Image Enhancer, Image Folder Manager, Image Fader, Clipboard Notifier, Image Add-In, Image Converter, Image Faxer, Image Burner, Image Recorder, Image Importer, Image Importer, Image Importer, Image Importer, Image Importer, a Image Manager, a File Finisher, a File User and a File Creator.
FotoArchive allows you to create image albums, and to display photos in both thumbnail and full screen view. Thumbnails are automatically created and saved, and can be annotated with almost any text. You can also print your thumbnails as well as automatically generated texts (e.g. File path, Category, Title and Notes).You can view photos in detail, as well as print selected Foto Records. You can also generate a separate text file containing all the labels and annotations that you have made on your photos. With these, you can export your photos to the printer or the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, as well as to the Clipboard for convenient copying.
FotoArchive is a comprehensive and easy

FotoArchive Crack +

► Browse all your images (image folders) in the Album Manager and when you press the New thumbnail button FotoArchive will open the current folder (e.g. My Pictures or My Videos) and create a new Foto Album. You can create a new Album by right-clicking on a folder in Album Manager and select “New Foto Album”. If the folder already has an album you can rename it.
► You can save your new Album as a Foto file (.FOT). Create a Foto archive containing all your images by “Compress Photos” in the Menu. The.FOT file will be saved in the Album folder.
► After creating a Foto archive you can insert thumbnails on one of the Page views in the Album Manager as well as the Image Viewer.
► Select a folder in the Album Manager and select a thumbnail view in the menu “Page”. Thumbnails from that folder will be displayed on the main view (Image Viewer). Select a second folder and the images from that folder will be displayed in a second page of the thumbnail view.
► You can select the number of images to be displayed in each thumbnail page.
► You may change the Thumbnails Page size, the photo orientation (h or v) and you can add a Title to each thumbnail image. The Title and the Notes are automatically saved and are displayed in the “General” tab of the respective photo view.
► You can choose between a New or Edit mode of the FotoArchive. You can also toggle between the Detail Viewer and the Image Viewer.
► You can copy files from one folder to another in the FotoArchive.
► You can open a file in your default image viewer (e.g. Windows Explorer) and preview a Foto image file in the Image Viewer.
► You can link files to your FotoArchive by dragging-and-dropping files on the FotoArchive icon. FotoArchive will automatically display the images in the first view where you drop them.
► You can extract the Foto file out of the FotoArchive and Save the Foto file without any photos.
► You may create a Foto.CAT file containing all the file names and path of your Foto archive and you may copy it to other PCs to make a Foto archive with your own photos.
► You can zoom and pan the image in the Image Viewer.
► You can fit the

What’s New In FotoArchive?

* Album Creator. Create any number of albums of your photos and create Foto Records for every image.
* Image Viewer. View all your photos in a single file (FotoArchive) or as a group of files (FotoArchive / Browse).
* Slide Viewer. Quickly browse through your photo collections by viewing selected albums in thumbnail form as a flow of slides. With Slide Viewer you can rotate through albums, view photos in a single file or as a group of files, and view them in a Slide by Slide mode.
* Detailed Viewer. Create, browse through or print out thumbnails of any of your image files.
* Image Annotator. Easily insert, manipulate or annotate any of your photo files. You can select the Notes Text from the Foto Record or the Notes text box with FotoAnnotator.
* Image Editor. Create, edit and save your photos as JPEG, BMP, GIF, ICO and TIF files. You can export to JPG, GIF or ICO files. For enhanced editing and images viewing capabilities, you may use our more advanced version of Viewer, called FotoViewer, which is a free, stand-alone application.
* Recorder. Organize your photos into Foto Archives (Foto Records).
* Snipping Tool. Annotate your photos and create Foto Records.
* FotoArchive Archiving Utility. Backup your Foto Archives and CD/DVD-ROMs.
* FotoArchive UPDATER. Update the program with a newer version or new features.
FotoArchive Screenshot

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System Requirements For FotoArchive:

Processor: Intel Pentium II, Celeron, Athlon
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Drive: 250 MB
OpenGL: 1.5
– The top row, left column and bottom row contain information about a specific vendor’s device and are:
1. Device Type: This is the type of graphics chip the device contains, either ATI, NVIDIA, or SGI.
2. BIOS Version: This is the version of the BIOS in

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