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FGS – Restaurant Crack Free Download For Windows (2022)

— Set up the restaurant/café menu: create tables with names, photos, types of goods (dishes, drinks, etc.), menus, prices, prices per item, pass, charges for food, quantities, prices of services, etc. – Type of food and its nature/maturity – Type of prices – order and sales operations
— Create services: set the name of the service, duration, description, prices – create services: create new tables (receptes, drinks, appetizers, dessert, coffee) – set up services: set prices, quantity and quantity of each type of service – create services: add and edit items in orders, add other services – enter services: set the time for services
— Set up order transfers: set the name of the table, the name of the recipient and the destination of the order. Types of goods and services are added to orders – add order: set the number of items in the order, the sequence of items – add order: enter the quantity of goods and services – add services: add services to orders – add order: mark cash receipts – enter cash receipts – add cash: define the cash receipts
— Make a balance of income and expenses
— Create invoices and generate reports
— Print invoices and add notes
— Set up time checking of your restaurant
— Check the restaurant’s status and many other features
— Set up the type of bread (round, square, etc.)
— Customize the time check
— Configure the refrigerator in the restaurant
— Set up reservations for the restaurant
— Customize the time check
— Set up automatic data backups.
— Configure the home page, remove menus and discounts
— Automatically run invoicing and order verification
— Configure automatic data backups and perform backups
– User accounts: set the default users and passwords
– User accounts: add/edit users and modify their permissions
– User accounts: add/edit passwords
– User accounts: print invoices
– User accounts: set up permissions for users
– Customer service: set up user access to the restaurant for customers
– Data transfers: sort the customer contact information on the restaurant
– Data transfers: set user permissions for the restaurant’s data transfers
– Data backups: create backups of user data on the computer or on a network
– Data backups: configure the target computer
– Data backups: set the time of the backup
– Backup failures: check the cause of the backups

FGS – Restaurant Crack Download [Updated] 2022

FGS – Restaurant Download With Full Crack :
A simple yet comprehensive application that allows you to easily manage the restaurant business. The application can be used to prepare invoices, create menus, add and edit prices and tables. You can make daily transactions on the table, update the general information, print bills, or add discounts or happy hours. You can easily add customers, export reports and set user roles.
This restaurant management application is a fork of the following restaurant management system:
– FGS – Restaurant Cracked Version – Basic by JVlogga.com

FGS – Restaurant :
Fully functional application, which allows you to easily manage the restaurant business.
– The application offers a client list that allows you to quickly get a table view and sorting by various criteria.
– The application allows you to create a table, menu and add products for one or more tables at once. You can then add special notes (either a customer name or note for your employees), which affect the printed bill.
– You may add your own customers through Customer Manager. As soon as a customer table is empty, you may add a new order and fill it with items from the list.
– Each order (table) or item (list of products) may be specified with its name, menu text (Categories, Subcategories, Subsubcategories, Main Categories and Specialities) and type.
– You may add prices for your products and allow customers to select their preferred discount and category.
– You may also set the service charge.
– Invoices and bills for each customer can be easily created and exported.
– You may also generate random numbers, which can be used for random calculations in the order list.
– Adoption of the application is fully supported.
– Fully compatible with iOS 6.

Fully functional restaurant management application for users with little knowledge of restaurant business. Choose between the “New Restaurant” or the “Restaurant Menu” interface.
– New Restaurant: The main interface allows you to create a new restaurant. You may choose to create a new restaurant using one of the available templates.
– Restaurant Menu: The secondary interface allows you to create a restaurant menu, where you may select the restaurant’s name, address, contact details, services, service charge and price lists.
– Notes: You may attach notes to products and/or customers.
– Categories: You may add and remove categories for products.
– Subcategories: You may

FGS – Restaurant Crack With Registration Code (April-2022)

The next version of FGS – Restaurant is now available – with some great improvements and a few less bugs than in the last one.
The main difference with the previous version is that FGS – Restaurant is now significantly easier to use. The interface is better structured, and menu re-ordering is faster. The new version also features a more convenient process of defining the restaurant features, such as menus, prices, services, and the equipment that is to be used for the business.
A powerful interface – that is extremely easy to use – is your opportunity to go through an easy process of creating your restaurant, from scratch.
FGS – Restaurant Version 3.0 allows you to do the following:
• Create or edit menus;
• Select services;
• Set prices;
• Manage the client service;
• Customise the clients’ bills;
• Add tables and print vouchers;
• Support 3 languages.

FGS – Branded Menu Management is the ultimate tool to create and manage your menus. The application allows you to create a branded, modern-looking site, customizable to look like yours.
Simplify your menu creation process by collaborating with other members of your team and creating your menus, with 3 simple steps.
Create new menus
You may use the built-in creation wizard or import your existing text files into the program, by adding your new menu using the editor.
Create multiple menus
Create as many menus as you need, or create as many menus as you want, using FGS – Branded Menu Management for as long as you want!
Edit and customize your menus
FGS – Branded Menu Management will allow you to share your menus across your network. You may also upload them to your website, social networks, or e-mail them to your employees, clients, or partners, for a quick and easy access. You may also edit the menus and customize them using two custom menus.
FGS – Branded Menu Management Versions 2.0 & 3.0 support the following features:
• Create and edit menus;
• Add your own photos;
• Optionally add custom menus to the menus;
• Save and export menus;
• Import menus from TXT, PDF, DOCX, ZIP formats;
• Use multiple category types;
• Mark menus as private or public;
• Sort and filter menus by category, tags, dates, brands, and theme;
• Export menus as HTML and export as

What’s New In FGS – Restaurant?

FGS-Restaurant is a new restaurant management program. It is a simple to use interface designed to help you manage your restaurant business.
Key features:
• Management of the key parts of your restaurant
• Customer service management
• Management of orders
• Order management
• Receipts
• Bills
• Menu in several languages
• It is easy to use – set up in 2 minutes
• It is fast – over 10,000 orders processed every day
• It is cross-platform and can be used on all major operating systems including Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and Solaris
• The best part of FGS-Restaurant is its powerful reporting features which includes daily reports
• View and check detailed sales and revenue reports for any restaurant using multiple views
• Create and print daily, monthly, weekly and yearly reports which can be exported to files as required
• Saves data of all restaurant transactions to a sqlite database and is easily exportable to CSV, XLS, PPT and html formats as required
• Configurable to a large variety of restaurants
• It works well with local cafes, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, etc.
What users say about FGS-Restaurant:
“A software (that you can use to manage your restaurant) that works in such an elegant, simple, and easy to use way is so hard to find. I used to use MS Word and Excel for restaurant business management. The software was too complicated and could not run on the Mac OS, so I had to use the classic restaurant management software that was not so user friendly. FGS-Restaurant totally changed the game for me. I can work in FGS-Restaurant and do restaurant business management while I am at the beach or watching TV. It is the best restaurant business management software in the world.”
“My restaurant business management system is nothing like it was with the other so called software.”
“This is simply the best restaurant management software (that I have used.) It is so easy to use. Now I can completely automate my restaurant business and save valuable time.”
“When I first got FGS-Restaurant, I was so relieved that there was a software that makes restaurant business management so simple and easy to use.”
“FGS-Restaurant is the easy to use restaurant management software that lets me save money and time. It manages my restaurant very well and lets me focus on my clients and not on

System Requirements For FGS – Restaurant:

OS: Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Pro
Processor: 1 GHz or faster
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card with 1 GB RAM (256 MB for Vista and Windows 7)
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
Additional: Windows Media Center Edition 2005 or higher and audio must be enabled in the system settings
Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or


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