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DevExtras .NET Obfusasm allows you to protect your assemblies by using a variety of advanced obfuscation techniques and is very easy to integrate into your release process.
The assemblies are obfuscated after compilation as part of the build process so your development process is completely unaffected. Assemblies can be obfuscated either via the GUI or the command line. Give Obfusasm a try to fully assess its capabilities!









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Obfusasm is a free tool, which is a framework and also includes a collection of advanced and powerful obfuscation algorithms and tools which allows you to protect your assemblies. The framework is extensible and very easy to integrate into your own development or release process.
Obfusasm is a framework for obfuscating assemblies in 3 steps. First, the pre-compiled assemblies are extracted and parsed, which transforms the assembly into a set of tasks which are run sequentially and collect the results as necessary. Second, the data is transformed into a format that Obfusasm can understand, which translates the pre-compiled assembly into a series of more complex tasks. Finally, those tasks are input into Obfusasm’s obfuscation algorithms and translated into an obfuscated assembly.

A) Extending the framework

The framework is easy to integrate into your own application and allows for some extensibility. The framework provides your own tasks which you can then use to obfuscate your assemblies. Here are the available tasks:

+ GetAssembly – When an assembly is retrieved from the project’s GAC it is extracted and parsed to a list of tasks.

+ GetAssemblyConfig – GetAssembly with configuration parameters.

+ GetAssemblyThumbs – GetAssembly with thumbnails.

+ GetAssemblyNative – GetAssembly with Native assemblies.

+ DisposeAssembly – The task that makes sure no references are left in the target assembly, a kind of memory manager.

B) Obfuscation algorithms

Obfusasm has a rich feature set to choose from when obfuscating your assemblies. The following four algorithms are built-in, but you can extend or add your own algorithms as well.

+ Obfuscate – One-pass algorithm that replaces symbols with tokens.

+ Obfuscate/Separate – One-pass algorithm that has an option to either obfuscate or separate tokens, or to preserve symbols/tokens.

+ Obfuscate/Protect – One-pass algorithm that has an option to either obfuscate or protect, or to obfuscate and separate tokens.

+ Obfuscate/Hide – One-pass algorithm that has an option to either obfuscate, or to obfuscate and hide tokens.

C) Command Line Interface (CLI)

The CLI is the Obfusasm command line interface, which allows you to interact with the framework. It also allows you to perform

DevExtras .NET Obfusasm Serial Number Full Torrent

The DevExtras.NET Obfuscation library provides you with an efficient way of protecting your assemblies for the various phase of the development process as well as the release process. Using the DevExtras.NET Obfuscation you can:

create an obfuscated copy of your assemblies, stored in the same directory as your source assembly

protect your assemblies while they are still in development, for example during code reviews or during testing

protect your assemblies for deployment to a customer, which allows you to protect yourself from malicious modifications to your application’s logic, even when you are not directly involved in the development/testing of the software

DevExtras.NET Obfusasm Usage:

All external references must be compiled to the ObfuscatedExecutable type, otherwise the obfuscation of the references will not work. This type is generated in your build output folder.

Assemblies that reference the ObfuscatedExecutable type need to be renamed for use in their obfuscated form. This is done by adding the relevant assembly to the “CustomRenaming” section in the App.config file of your assembly.

Assemblies are changed into the ObfuscatedExecutable type using the ObfuscatorProvider class. Set the ObfuscatorProvider to the desired provider name.

Unobfuscated assemblies are not protected.

Obfuscated assemblies are protected against malicious modifications. It is important to note however that obfuscated assemblies can be reverse engineered and deobfuscated as long as the ObfuscatedExecutable type is preserved.

External references are not obfuscated and do not have their path changed.

You can optionally change the specific assemblies to obfuscate through the DevExtras.Net Obfuscation settings. To do this add the assemblies to the settings section of the Obfuscation project.

The settings can be set to be automatically updated whenever a modification is made to the project or assembly.

Obfuscation can be used for both the Debug and the Release build configurations.

All options are listed below.

DevExtras.NET Obfusasm GUI Demonstration:

Please Note: The obfuscated assembly in this screenshot is a pre-release version and does not yet support sections.

Advantages of Using DevExtras.NET Obfuscation:

For an overview of the capabilities see the DevExtras.NET Obfuscation Overview page.


DevExtras .NET Obfusasm Crack+ With Serial Key

A collection of tools for.NET obfuscation.

It contains the following tools:

Prepare is a library that allows you to prepare your assemblies for obfuscation. Assembly Preparation allows you to run and automate the preparation of your assemblies.

Obfusasm is a.NET obfuscator that converts your assemblies into assemblies that can not be reverse engineered, so they are hard to be found and damaged.

Obfuscate is a.NET Obfuscator that allows you to selectively obfuscate your assembly, optionally rename your classes and fields, and optionally apply various obfuscation techniques.

Obfuscation is a.NET Obfuscator that allows you to selectively obfuscate your assembly, optionally rename your classes and fields, and optionally apply various obfuscation techniques. This obfuscator is a replacement for Obfuscate.

Project Home

What is new in this release?

Two new features.


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What’s New in the?

Product Overview:
DevExtras.NET Obfusasm is an easy-to-use, next generation Assembly protection tool for the.NET Framework. While tools such as Dotfuscator and Obfuscator used to obfuscate assemblies, this new version has been re-engineered from the ground up.
With DevExtras.NET Obfusasm you can obfuscate.NET assemblies in just a few simple steps. Whether you are protecting your assemblies during development or deploying them to a test environment, Obfusasm will fully obfuscate assemblies and protect your intellectual property.
Obfuscation is available both in the GUI and the command line. Each model has its specific features, so take a look at the two before making a decision. This tool completely obfuscates assemblies, making your intellectual property completely unrecognizable.
Obfusasm is free for personal use. You can redistribute an obfuscated assembly to anyone you want, under any license terms you want.
Obfuscating assemblies with.NET Obfuscator is easy, but you can do the same with DevExtras.NET Obfusasm. Obfuscating assemblies is a quick and straightforward process, if you know what you are doing.
But, when obfuscating assemblies with the manual, release-time step of assembly protection, it becomes a little more involved. To do this, you have to change a few configuration options in the build workflow. Changing these configs can be a little intimidating at first, but the overall effect is fairly easy to understand.
Most developers use DevExtras.NET Obfusasm to protect their assemblies, and its easy to do so.
Obfuscating assemblies can protect your intellectual property and keep your source code hidden, which makes it harder for hackers and competitors to see how your application works.
You can protect your assemblies both during development and as part of your release process.
The default configuration changes the assembly protection options to be per-configuration-profile, and only use the same configuration when building assemblies. This allows you to modify your configuration to your needs, such as building assemblies with different options, while having your application’s assemblies not be affected.
The configuration options are the following:
Obfuscator Settings:
Allows you to choose if you would like to use a variable encryption algorithm, or not. It also shows all the encryption settings that are available.
Assemblies to Protect:
Allows you to choose whether to obfuscate

System Requirements For DevExtras .NET Obfusasm:

Supported OS: OSX (10.8 and up)
GPU: 16 GB free disk space, HDDs are preferable
Operating system: Windows (XP, Vista and 7)
Processor: Intel Core i5, 3.2 GHz or greater
Memory: 2 GB RAM
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