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Command Line SFV Checker Crack + PC/Windows

– ‘Usage: Enfis_SFV.exe [-n] [file1]…’  – check all checksums (one file per line)
– ‘-n’ – check file type only
– ‘-h’ – display help
– ‘-r’ – result message displayed
– ‘-s’ – show ‘Files/Blocks’ Table (use with -r)
– ‘-i’ – show ‘Files/Blocks’ Table Individually (use with -r)
– ‘-hv’ – check file types (use with -n)
– ‘-v’ – show version

Standard parameters:
– file : path to the file
– checksum: checksum of the file to be verified.
To choose, you can use one of the following variables:
‘*CRC32’ : CRC32 value
‘*CRC64’ : CRC64 value
– source : path to the file from which SFV information is extracted (optional).
– result : result message displayed when the operation ends
– blocks : if you use ‘-s’ option, this variable can contain the table of blocks
(for example ‘B18F4B1A B18F4B1A B18F4B1A….’)
– checksum: checksum to be verified with the file in the variable source.
– comment : comment displayed when the operation ends
– vFile : path to the file from which SFV information is extracted (optional).

Other parameters:
– -s or –show-block-table : show table of blocks.
– -o or –output-path=output : (optional) path to write output file.
– -d or –debug=level : debug level (specify debug 0, 1 or 2).
– -f or –file-type-only : only type of file (copy, delete,…) will be checked

Command Line SFV Checker Product Key

-s(uppress): Suppress SFV header entry at the output (intended to be used when you wish to perform faster CRC32 check).
-a(rypt): Check SFV data encrypted (it can be activated or deactivated via command line switch).
-c(hange): Send change data (data ‘3’).
-v(erify): Verify SFV file CRC32 without sending change data (intended to be used if you have to perform a fast CRC32 check of a set of SFV files).

+ Version 1.0
+ Quick Checking SFV with CRC32:
+ “Enfis_CRC32 -s -a -c -v Example.sfo”
+ “Enfis_CRC32 Example.sfo”
+ Version 1.1
+ Quick SFV Check with CRC32:
+ “Enfis_CRC32 -s -a -c -v File.sfo”

Program Enfis_SFV can be downloaded from



#define BASE_CHECK_SFV_SIZE (3 * 512)

#define ENFIS_CRC32_ENCRYPTION_KEY_SRC “8cbcdcddd”

WCHAR cFileName[64];

typedef struct TENFIS_SFV_CHECKED_

Command Line SFV Checker (LifeTime) Activation Code

download Enfis_SFV.exe

or try command below
[Enfis_SFV.exe -h]

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What’s New In Command Line SFV Checker?

✓ SFV Checker (Command Line SFV Checker) is an optional component that enables you to verify files in SFV archive format.
This software will be launched with ‘–‘ parameter in the command shell, or from the global folder with doubleclick (depending on your Windows settings).

The main tools of this software:

– Check SFV archive validity.
– Check file existence.
– Quick SFV archive CRC32 checks.
– Check SFV archive compatibility.
– List SFV archive information.
– Compact SFV archive.
– Create SFV archive.

For information on SFV files format and how to verify their CRC32, visit the Enfis page on internet. 
Command Line SFV Checker Usage:
(available by doubleclick on the executable or on DOS Windows prompt)

– Commands:


– Check SFV archive validity:

Command Line SFV Checker – ‘–‘ parameter is given on command shell or from global folder.
– For the SFV validation check, ‘–validity’ must be given.
–> sfvchecker –validity sfv_file.sfv

– Check SFV archive compatibility:

Command Line SFV Checker – ‘–info’ parameter is given on command shell or from global folder.
– ‘–compatibility’ must be given.
–> sfvchecker –info sfv_file.sfv

– Quick SFV archive CRC32 checks:

Command Line SFV Checker – ‘–crc32’ parameter is given on command shell or from global folder.
– It will output CRC32 checks for each file in the archive.
– You can open the result with the List Viewer. (Settings-Windows – Control Panel – System)
– ‘–crc32’ must be given in the ‘–‘ parameter on command shell or from global folder.
–> sfvchecker –crc32 sfv_file.sfv

– List SFV archive information:

Command Line SFV Checker – ‘–list’ parameter is given on command shell or

System Requirements For Command Line SFV Checker:

CPU: Intel Core i5 4790 or AMD Phenom II X4 845
OS: Windows 7 (32bit/64bit) or higher
HDD: 20 GB free space
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 or AMD Radeon R9 290 or higher
1. Download
2. Extract the file you downloaded.
3. Run the game.
4. You will be prompted to create a new Steam account or login with your existing Steam account.
5. Copy and paste

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