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Basic drawing elements

AutoCAD has been marketed with an emphasis on its ease of use. In addition to its emphasis on user-friendliness, it provides a large set of functional drawing elements that are used extensively in architectural, civil, mechanical, and interior design projects, as well as industrial design. Those drawing elements can be grouped into 3 categories:


Boundaries and text

Pen tools

Autodesk has worked to retain the drawing elements developed in the 1980s, as the focus has shifted from development to other areas of software. The 3 primary features, or 3D modeling, rendering, and BIM/BIMx/BIMxLite, offer simplified tools that meet the needs of many organizations. The latest version of AutoCAD also includes advanced features such as:


Advanced sectioning

Smart guides

Surface and solid modeling

The following is a brief review of basic AutoCAD features. For more detailed information, read the AutoCAD User’s Guide.

The 3D Modeling feature in AutoCAD offers a three-dimensional (3D) modeling environment where objects are represented by polygons. The geometric features can be assigned to be a part of a 3D object, to become part of a 2D object, to be represented as the surface of a solid object, or to be part of a 2D drawing. The AutoCAD User’s Guide (volume 1) provides more information on the 3D modeling feature.

The bounding box is the boundary of the currently selected objects and displays its properties on the status bar. In the example above, the bounding box indicates the selected object has a volume of two-thirds of a cubic meter.

Annotation is a feature that lets you display, annotate, or print information on your drawings. You can use either printed annotations or electronic annotations. You can also choose to display annotation options on the status bar (see Status bar).


You can use the Move, Zoom, Pan, Zoom Extents, and Scale commands to move through the drawings and perform various navigation operations. The details of these commands are found in the AutoCAD User’s Guide.

The Zoom Extents command allows you to zoom in to the currently active drawing area without scaling the drawing. This feature is particularly useful when you want to view a specific area without scaling.

The Zoom Ext

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File formats
The.dwg and.dxf file formats are used for file storage in AutoCAD and have the corresponding file types for PC, MS-Windows and Macintosh.

When the object editor is selected, the dxfWiz utility is used to open AutoCAD file formats.

Drawing state
A drawing is created in an edit session or the command line using the draw command with no option specified. When an edit session is created, the newly created drawing is automatically opened in the state it was created. When a new drawing is created on the command line using the draw command, an open edit session is created with the default open state of the drawing. However, when the open state of the drawing is changed, the new state is not immediately applied to the drawing.

The drawing state can be viewed by right clicking on the drawing and selecting View Drawing State. A breakdown of the states in the diagram is as follows:

From the drop-down menu, the user can change the drawing state.

The drawing has not been modified.

The drawing has not been saved.

The drawing has been edited, but has not been saved.

The drawing has been saved.

The drawing has been committed, and is either part of a project or drawing history.

The drawing has been stored.

The drawing is closed.

The drawing is locked. This lock prevents the drawing from being edited, which usually prevents changes to the drawing from being committed. The “save” command does not operate in locked state. The “lock” command does not operate in locked state.

The drawing is locked.

The drawing is unlocked.

The drawing has been modified, and is either part of a project or drawing history.

The drawing is deleted.

Deleted from History
The drawing has been deleted from the drawing history. This is the default state of a drawing that has been removed from the drawing history.

Deleted from Project
The drawing has been deleted from the drawing history and removed from the project.

The drawing is in the default state.

Editing session

Create drawing

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printc() {
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readline() {
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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Work smarter with the new Time Manager.

Project to the Future:

Keep your projects on track with project-specific dialog boxes and workflow templates. Use project management best practices to speed your entire project team, no matter where they are in the world.

New toolkit for designers and developers:

Use standardized, cross-platform markup to add effective design intent to your drawings. The new AutoCAD Markup Assistant can automatically create and edit markup. And the new AutoCAD User Interface Designer and Development Environment tools make it easy to create markup as well as import it from other programs.

The new AutoCAD Research Center has new tutorials and blog posts to help you stay on top of what’s new.

Build a flexible model

With the new integrated Database Manager, AutoCAD saves time and effort by enabling you to connect to existing databases or make your own.

Build better models

Use new streamlined versioning to move easily between design states. With a unique approach to versioning, you can change the design in one version while leaving the previous version in place for easy review.

Easily design and create projects

Make higher-fidelity 3D models with the new Mesh Generator feature, available for both 2D and 3D models.

Save time with new applications and features

Use the new Power View service to create and present beautiful, easy-to-consume charts and graphs, like dashboard widgets and business reports.

Create models in 3D and 2D

Get the most out of your 2D and 3D projects with the new Geometry Engine, which understands 3D relationships to automatically create more useful views.

Take advantage of 3D features in your projects

Use the new online 3D services to expand your AutoCAD capabilities. Make 3D models, animations, and videos; generate more-realistic 3D effects; and create custom 3D content.

Examine your designs from different perspectives

Quickly examine a project or model from different perspectives, with a new customizable screen of thumbnails.

Eliminate visual noise in your drawings

With the new Sense Modeling feature, you can change how AutoCAD groups and styles objects in the drawing.

See and share model changes faster

Easily exchange views between 2D and 3D projects, without opening different files.

Be productive

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