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AlfaReader is an application designed to make reading books as convenient as possible. It supports several formats of e-books: EPUB, PDF, TXT, and HTML. The program has a comfortable interface that encourages users to read more, even if they have no prior experience. It allows users to start a new book, enter a new page, and to jump to any chapter. Some of the applications main features are:
– Powerful search in EPUB/PDF/TXT/HTML files
– Display all EPUB/PDF/TXT/HTML books present in the computer
– Supports all languages
– Can be used for editing, managing, and reading books
– Can be used to create new books
– Support new book importing (EPUB, PDF, TXT)
– Customizable interface
– Easy management of books
– Supports a variety of devices (mobile phones, tablets, computers)
– Font and page size are adjustable
– Full control over reading and re-reading
– Easy E-book navigation
– Search and navigation of chapters
– Possibility of bookmarking
– Ability to manage the content of books
– Ability to add books to favorites
– Ability to load books directly in the AlfaReader application
– Ability to specify the start page and the end page for the selected book
– Ability to select between margins and no margin
– Possibility to specify the number of pages to display
– Possibility to modify the font of the text
– Ability to filter the books to display
– Ability to display the current book in the application
– Ability to skip between chapters
– Possibility to display all sections in the application
– Ability to display the links of the current book in the application
– Possibility to use any color for the book
– Possibility to set the time to display the book
– Possibility to activate the screen dimmer for the display
– Possibility to sort the books according to their order
– Possibility to change the color of the headers of the books
– Possibility to change the color of the footers of the books
– Possibility to open directly the EPUB files
– Possibility to download directly the EPUB files
– Possibility to download directly the PDF files
– Possibility to download directly the TXT files
– Possibility to download directly the HTML files
– Possibility to open directly the EPUB files in the AlfaReader application

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AlfaReader is a simple to use e-book reader and management software that allows users to download e-books from the web and read them on computers that run Windows, Mac, and Linux. The application is simple to use and includes several useful features that make reading e-books a real pleasure. In addition to supporting.ePub,.mobi and.pdf files, it also features a virtual bookshelf where users can browse and access the e-books they are interested in. Once they find one of them, they can start reading it from the very first page and save it in one of the 9 standard ebook formats that the app supports.
Moreover, AlfaReader includes an ebook reader module that lets users access the physical books they own, allowing them to use their devices to read these books and save them on their computer.
The application features a multiple library section that allows users to explore the items they accessed most recently. Once they start reading a story, they can easily access the Table of Contents and jump to a certain chapter with a simple mouse click. Additionally, they can modify the font size according to their liking.
Users can also use the “Recent” feature to see which e-books they’ve read recently and in which order they were read.
Last but not least, the application also features a preview section that lets users quickly access the contents of the e-books they are about to read.
To use the application, one needs to have a Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 installed on their PC. After that, they can download the application from the official website.
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AlfaReader is a free program that supports EPUB and PDF files. Users can import their TXT e-books to the program via drag-and-drop and they can easily use the text selection tool to copy and paste the ones they are interested in.
Once they start reading a book, the Table of Contents will be displayed so they can easily navigate the text. Users can modify the font size and change the zoom scale to get the best reading experience.
AlfaReader Features:
• Read EPUB and PDF files
• Import TXT files
• Read EPUB files from DropBox
• Useful Table of Contents
• Full screen mode
• Page flipping mode
• Modify font size
• Read selected text or highlight text
• Export bookmarks as HTML files
• Import bookmarks from HTML files
• Copy and paste selected text
• Import bookmarks from HTML files
• Tag searches
• Tab searching
• Display the most recent books that have been accessed
• Jump to a specific chapter
• Select which chapters to read
• Switch between texts seamlessly
• Sort and search e-books
• Re-read the last book you read

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Note : You are free to use AlfaReader for commercial purposes. AlfaReader is available on The Software Informer under the shareware license. If you like AlfaReader, you can buy it from The Software Informer at a discount.Modelling the association between atopy and psoriasis.
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What’s New in the?

AlfaReader is an app you can install on your computer to read e-books on it. This application features an attractive and user-friendly graphic interface, thus encouraging even novices to start reading e-books and improving their knowledge.
Unfortunately, it only supports EPUB format. Nevertheless, there are plenty of sample e-books included and you can import new ones after they are done browsing them.
When it comes to adding new items to the virtual shelf provided by AlfaReader, users can import not only their EPUB and PDF e-books, but also their TXT ones.
Once they start reading a story, users can effortlessly access the Table of Contents and jump to a certain chapter with a simple mouse click. Additionally, they can modify the font size according to their liking.
AlfaReader also features a section where users can explore the items they accessed most recently, so they can continue reading where they left off. Needless to say, they can also choose to start a brand new e-book and disregard the old ones.
To wrap it up, AlfaReader is more than a nice-looking application as it encourages users to broaden their knowledge by reading e-books, which are quite easy to find on the Internet.
Nonetheless, one needs to keep in mind they will not be able to modify any of the books they are reading and that AlfaReader cannot be used to create new e-books from scratch: it can only display the contents of existing ones within a user-friendly environment.

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System Requirements For AlfaReader:

256 MB RAM
10 GB of free space
Windows 10 or Windows 7
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