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What’s New In Paraben 039;s PhoneRecovery Stick?

Paraben’s PhoneRecovery Stick is an application designed to offer you a simple means in which you can recover data from a device that is running an Android operating system.
It can be used to restore/undelete messages, contacts, call history, Internet browser data, photos and other multimedia files. The application is mainly created to be used for investigations in order to extract information which can be used as evidence.
The application works in conjunction with an USB device that needs to be plugged into the computer on which you intend to run the recovery process. To recover data, all you need to do is plug in the Flash drive, run the application and as soon as the mobile device is recognized, you can proceed to retrieve files.
Paraben’s PhoneRecovery Stick is able to bypass the device’s security and allows you to extract contents even if it is locked. Moreover, the tool allows you to choose whether you want to extract all the available data or just textual.
Using Paraben’s PhoneRecovery Stick you are able to create workspaces which contain all the information that was recovered from the device. It’s saved as a.ds file and can be loaded into the application at any time.
Restored data is sorted and displayed in specific categories such as ‘Graphics’, ‘Multimedia’, ‘Internet Data’, ‘Contacts’, ‘Recovered Data’, ‘Messages’, ‘Call History’, ‘Organizer’ and ‘Other Data’. The data can then be viewed by clicking any of the categories and is displayed in comprehensive tables.
The application can recover and entire phonebook, both sent and received messages, call logs, calendars and marked events, as well as OS device settings.
Paraben’s PhoneRecovery Stick also makes it possible to use a search function in case the amount of data is too large for a manual scan. When you have the information you need, you can easily export it into a XLS file.

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